September 29, 2015


Meyer Diamond Professional Use: This plow series is for those professional snow managers with a ¾ ton truck or larger. Powerful and reliable, the Professional series comes in 5 models. All come with a 5 year warranty for complete plow systems, and all plows with the EZ-Mount Plus mounting systems are fleet friendly with interchangeable moldboards and controllers. All Meyer snowplows are equipped with easily changed dual halogen bulbs with wraparound turn signals, the Nite Saber II Lights. All carbon steel moldboards are painted with Meyer Dura-Slick which is an automotive grade Teflon paint.


  • Lot Pro: This plow features the TALLEST contractor-grade moldboard on the market, measuring 32” tall with an attack angle of 75˚. Comes in both steel and poly, with blade widths from 7’5” to 9’. All models in this series have full trip protection, EZ-Mount Plus attach/detach system, slot/tab construction, and continuously welded ribs.
  • Super-V/V2: This plow and its second generation are aggressive contractor-grade plows with independently controlled wings. Because of the wings construction, this plow series is able to operate as a scoop, straight, or V blade configuration at the touch of a button. The Super-V is available in 8’6” and 9’6” carbon steel, and the Super-V2 is available in 8’6”, 9’6”, and 10’6” carbon steel or stainless steel blades. Additional features include bottom trip protection, pistol grip or joystick option, system diagnostic function, and adjustable field springs.
  • Diamond Edge: The Diamond Edge plow features the Meyer famous tallest (32”) and most aggressive (70˚ attack angle) bottom-trip, contractor-grade moldboard available. Ground Tracking Technology, optional, allows for the plow to pivot up to 12˚ in both directions so the plow can automatically follow the contours of the road and makes mounting easier when the plow is unlevel. Additional features include a reversible cutting edge, slot/tab construction, continuously welded ribs, and a hydraulic system with cover.
  • Road Pro 36-Series: This is the BIGGEST plow series in the Meyer product line, for vehicles with 26,000 to 33,000 GVW. The plows are available in 9’, 10’, or 11’ full-trip lengths, or 10’ bottom-trip. The Road Pro series plows have a 65˚ attack angle, 36” moldboard, and 15” radial overhang. Additional features include adjustable springs, available in 10-gauge steel or poly, and made for trucks with and without central hydraulics.
  • Road Pro 32-Series: For municipal and commercial vehicles with 9,300 to 26,000 GVW trucks, the Road Pro 32-Series is a steel plow with flared wings to optimal snow throwing. All moldboards are 32” tall, and come in 8’, 9’, or 10’ plow widths, and offer the Ground Tracking Technology for easier mounting and more efficient clearing. This plow has a 75˚ attack angle, heavy-duty hyraulic rams, adjustable steel snow shoes, eight vertical ribs and is mountable on trucks with or without central hydraulics.

Meyer Half-ton/150/1500: There are two models Meyers offer commercial-grade plows for light duty pickups- Lot Pro LD and Super-V LD.

  • Lot Pro LD: Available in steel and poly, his plow is perfect for pickups with snow plow prep packages that are ready to tackle streets and large parking lots. The Lot Pro LD has the same hydraulics and heavy-duty rams as the full-sized plows, and has many of the same features including slot/tab construction, continuously welded ribs, and EZ-Mount Plus.
  • Super-V LD: This steel plow is highly efficient and shock absorbent with the ability to perform as a scoop, straight, or V plow shape. Features include 7’6” to 10’6” plow lengths, trip-edge moldboards, double acting cylinders, and upper and lower deflectors.

Meyer Personal Use: If you are a do-it-yourselfer with an light duty pickup, half-ton pickup, jeep or other full sized SUV, these personal-use plows are right up your alley.

  • Drive Pro Homeowner Plus: Optimal for light commercial and personal use, this steel plow proves its value in durability and maneuverability. The one-part mounting system combines the lift frame, lights, hydraulics, and moldboard for quick and easy attach and detaching. This plow comes in 5’, 6’, 6’8”, and 7’6” plow lengths.
  • Home Plow: Meyer’s most popular personal use plow, the Home Plow offers a Quick-Link mounting system that slides into a Class 3, 2” front receiver hitch, with integrated mounting wheels. This plow comes in lengths from 6’8” to 7’6” and with power options including manual lift; electric lift; electric lift with wireless control; hydraulic lift with wireless and wired controlled; full hydraulically powered lift. You can lock in the plow angle or use the Auto-Angling system which senses the weight of snow and will automatically adjust the angle to push off the side (optional).
  • Off-Road: Meyers make plow mounts for-
  • Skid-Steer- Lot Pro or Drive Pro Snow Plows
  • Utility Vehicle- Drive Pro
  • Light Utility Vehicle- Path Pro
  • ATVs- Path Pro
  • Compact Tractor- Diamond Edge
  • Utility Tractors- Lot Pro
  • Airport Tractors- Drive Pro
  • ZTR Snow Plows for mowers- Path Pro


Meyer's offering many models of Tailgate Spreaders, Insert Hoppers, Dump Truck systems, and Anti-Icer liquid applicators. These spreaders have mount vehicles ranging from truck, tractor, SUV, utility vehicle and commercial vehicles, with styles of each that offer variation in materials, capacity, spread width, construction and motor. If you need a recommendation on Series and Model for a Meyer spreader, call our office and we’d be happy to quote you.

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