September 29, 2015


Whether you call it a Cabguard Rack, Headache Rack, Cab Protector, Safety Rack or whatever else… Empire Truck Works will install the perfect one for you, your vehicle, and your intended use. We install racks on personal, commercial, service and government vehicles. These racks install just behind the rear window of your vehicle to protect the glass from all the hard work going on in your truck, provide tie downs, holding area for long items, and many other purposes! Cabguard Racks can be designed with different edges, different window panel sections (including custom designs perhaps with your company logo?), permanent or removable accessory attachments, and other structural/physical/and performance based differentiations. A Cabguard Rack can also be used in combination with a goalpost type design to form an above body or above bed, full length lumber/ladder/contractor rack.

Let us know today that you’re in the market for a Cabguard Rack and we’ll present you with   the options to fit your vehicle, plus any specializations that are available!

Rack-It Universal

Rack-It 4100 Series

Expanded Metal

With Goalpost

Rack-It 5000 Series

W/Contractor Rack

Ford Platinum