September 29, 2015

Contractor Rack

Rack- Contractor Adrian Ladder Rack (ETW)Our “Contractor Rack” section is a cover all category for all the different rack options available for the contracting multitaskers! Empire Truck Works installs ladder racks and van racks of course, but we also install full usage racks such as lumber racks, forklift-able racks, shell racks, and lots of other styles of durable and high capacity cargo racks. These racks not only form structural support for the heavy materials loaded on top, but also offer tie downs and raised storage areas for vehicle with toolboxes.


Racks- Contractor Rack It Rack with Clamps (ETW)Each of our preferred manufacturers offer mix and match racks, with different physical styles and usage priorities. Cabguard Racks can be combined with matching, removable and/or inward-folding “goalpost” racks in at the rear of the bed to form a lumber/ladder style cargo rack.


Accesories-racks-contractor-ladder-with-conduitEmpire Truck Works offers Contractor Racks for Commercial and Service vehicles too, even if you have an existing service body package. We have in-stock full length forklift loadable racks with a double side bar that allow for easy side loading, or the same design with only a single run bar (if you don’t want the forklift loadable style). If you have a canopy, we have lots of design options that will perfectly complement your canopy, but can still be used without the canopy in case you choose to remove it. Our racks can ordered in steel or aluminum, and painted/powder coated to match your vehicle.

Prime Design Ladder

Safety Beacon

Rack-It with Top

Forlift Loadable

Rack-It Utility

ProTech Ladder

Goalpost & Toolbox

Prime Design Detail

Protech w/Goalpost