September 29, 2015

Bedrail Boxes

Bedrail Boxes, also called Side Boxes and Saddle Boxes, are a great way to add storage space to your vehicle without detracting from your available bed length, and at the same time give you the option to store lengthy items that you want to keep dry and secure. If you still need additional storage, the Bedrail Boxes can be combined with a CrossBody Box, Wheel Well Box, Chest Box, etc.

Accesories-toolbox-bedrail-silver-fordBedrail boxes come in two main styles- Low Profile and High Profile (often called Topsider). Low Profile boxes are constructed to combine high capacity with easy-to-reach access. The storage compartment extends into the truck bed, which allows for no rear visibility obstructions but does take up a small amount of bed width. The lids are usually flat or slanted singe lids that lift open to face a person standing outside the bed, and are durable enough to load things on top.

If visibility is not a problem and you want to conserve bed width, a High Profile Bedrail Box may work better for you. The storage compartment sits above the bedrail, with different mounting attachments available. Instead of a lid, these boxes usually have doors, usually folding down or opening from side hinges. They are also strong enough to load items on top, weight dependent on the mount. These boxes are available with drawers, dividers, or a combination of both.

ProTech Diamond

Aluminum Top Side

Double Wheel Well

w/Cabguard & Tank