September 29, 2015

Crossbody Boxes

Accesories-toolbox-protech-crossbody-with-cabguard-goalpostAmong this category, there are many different styles to offer you the best fit. CrossBody toolboxes come in above-bed and in-bed designs, depending on if you want the box to rest over the top of your bedrails or not. There are lots of options on how the box functions and opens, with many tray/divider and lid designs Accesories-toolbox-crossbody-wickum-welddepending on what you’ll be putting in the box and how often you need to access it. Most CrossBody toolboxes are low-profile but if you’re extra concerned about rear visibility or if you have a Tonneau Cover or canopy,
 you can go with an in-bed CrossBody box. You can also have a CrossBody that sits above your bedrails, and add a Tonneau cover starting from the toolbox and extending Toolboxes- Crossbody DeeZee Single Lid Narrow (Stock)the bed length. Some CrossBody boxes are notched at the base, or do not extend to the base of the bed, so that the user can still store long items underneath the toolbox.
These can be easily combined with a Fuel Transfer Tank, Bedrail/Side Boxes, drawered or service body boxes, and Wheel Well Boxes.