September 29, 2015

Underbody Boxes

Mounting underneath the vehicle bed, UnderBody Boxes are are perfect on their own, or to accompany fully loaded Commercial Vans, Service Vehicles, semi-trucks, vehicles with flatbeds, and trailers as they mount in otherwise unusable space.. They are built durable, and come in different size profiles to fit your mount space and attachment type. It’s especially important to keep in mind the items that you’ll be carrying in this space, as the weight will affect the necessary reinforcement you’ll need for your UnderBody box. UnderBody boxes come in lots of different door styles, and can come with drawers, dividers or a combination of both. They are great for adding more compartmented space when you need the full spread of your flatbed or trailer top for other things.

ProTech Black

ProTech Flatbed

Aluminum Diamond

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