November 16, 2015

Commercial Vehicle Exteriors

Comm Vehicle- Exterior Crane Installation (ETW)Exterior service bodies for commercial vehicles is a very broad category encompassing a wide array of possibilities to suit your purpose. Empire Truck Works orders, fabricates, installs and services a significant amount of landscaping and utility-box trucks (especially the “Workman” Bed), many including dump features. We also install, service, and modify service bodies for different purposes of vehicles, including flatbed centers, toolbox sided, dump body, specialty bumpers, etc. Empire Truck Works has fabricated specialty cages (such as the Woodchipper cage in the photo below), installed cranes with existing service bodies, added ladder racks, installed pull tarps, and the list goes on!

See our photos below for a few of the exterior Commercial Vehicle projects that we’ve completed. We have lots of photos of other completed projects at our office location, and would be happy to discuss what you’re looking for. Stop by Empire Truck Works today! We will outfit your Commercial Vehicle!
Besides our Interior and Exterior categories, we also have extras such as brackets and mounts, strobe lighting, and all kinds of other commercial and service industry doo-dads to get your vehicle ready for work!

Comm Vehicle- Exterior Ladder Rack (ETW)If you are looking for something extra heavy duty and aren’t sure if we offer anything in that field, let us know. While we don’t do mass installations of Water Truck Bodies, we’ve done it! Dump trucks, motorhomes, crane trucks, etc. Trust us with your Commercial and Service Vehicle needs and you will not regret it!

Custom Toolboxes

Ladder w/Conduit Rack

Service Bumper

Custom Flatbed

Custom Flatbed

Utility Bed w/Liftgate