September 29, 2015


Empire Truck Works carries lots of smaller accessories for your vehicle that aren’t covered in any of the other categories. Like all of our other categories, there are too many things we offer to list, so be sure to check with us if we haven’t listed the extra item you were looking for! Chances are, we’ve got one just for you!!!

Here are a few of the neat extras that we have; some we have in-stock all the time and some are order in (to match the specs of your vehicle).

  • Bed Rugs, Mats, and Liners
  • Bed Slides
  • Bed Covers

Empire Truck Works has a showroom display of our most popular Tonneau cover styles. Come by today and we can show you all the cool features such as tri-fold, locking, roll up, and toolbox-fitted.

  • Bedrail Caps
  • Bug Shields
  • Deck Covers
  • Door Handles (Specialty)
  • Fender Flares and Trim
  • Floor Rugs, Mats, and Liners
  • Mirror Extenders
  • Mudflaps
  • Netting (for safely hauling otherwise loose items)
  • Pet Safety and Vehicle Protection
  • Running Boards and Steps

And so much more! Our office and showroom are full of the miscellaneous goodies that people sometimes overlook. We promise that you’ll find something you can’t live without!

Tonneau Covers

Accessories-extras-bed-covers-tonneauClick for larger image

Ladder Racks & Clamps

Accesories-Extras-Ladder-ClampClick for larger image

Bedrails & Cabguard

Accesories-Extras-Bedrails-CabguardClick for larger image

Bedrail Caps & Toolbox

Accesories-Extras-Bedrail-Caps-Crossbody-ToolboxClick for larger image

Tire Chain Hangers

Accesories-Extras-Tire-Chain-HangersClick for larger image

Heavy Duty Bed Mats

Accesories-Extras-Bed-Mat-Heavy-DutyClick for larger image

Tonneau Covers

Accesories-Extras-Tonneau-Bed-CoverClick for larger image

Running Boards

Accesories-Extras-Running-BoardsClick for larger image

Bedrail Caps

Accesories-Extras-Bedrail-CapsClick for larger image

Pet Accessories

Accesories-Extras-WeatherTech-Pet-OptionsClick for larger image

Bedrails, Cabguard & Tank

Accesories-Extras-Bedrails-cabguard-fuel-tankClick for larger image

Load Lock Carrier

Accesories-Extras-Load-Lock-CarrierClick for larger image

Safety Beacons

Accesories-Extras-Mounted-Safety-BeaconClick for larger image

Cargo Net Options

Accesories-Extras-Gladiator-Net-Cargo-NetClick for larger image

Frame Deck Covers

Accesories-Extras-Frame-Deck-CoversClick for larger image

Step Options

Accesories-Extras-Aluminum-StepsClick for larger image

Louvered Tailgate

Accesories-Extras-Louvered-Black-TailgateClick for larger image

Fender Flares