September 29, 2015

Fuel Transfer Tanks

Are you a contractor with pre-existing toolboxes/cabguard/contractor rack? We’ve got your back! Have a Tonneau Cover? No problem! Drive with a Canopy? We’ll customize your canopy to accommodate your transfer tank! Need something to fit between your existing toolboxes/cabguard/service body? WE’LL MAKE IT JUST FOR YOU!

Transfer fuel tanks offer safer transportation to your home, jobsite, etc. They can be designed in many shaped and sizes, for different trucks and applications, as transfer only or fuel pump tanks. We install mostly GPI and Fill-Rite fuel transfer pumps, but can order and install any brand if you have a special preference. What features are important to you? Locking fuel cap, 12 foot hose, wiring harness with dash-mounted power switch,  powder-coated finish, aluminum diamond finish or other finish…. So many choices!

If you have a vehicle with existing toolboxes, service equipment, or other specialized setup, we can work with you to create a CUSTOM Transfer Tank to your exact specifications. Let us know if you have something in mind and we can work up a bid and project timeline today!